5 Natural Toothpastes For Your, Uh, Teeth

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Weleda#3. Weleda Natural Salt Toothpaste ($5 @ Amazon.com) Using a combo of sea salt and baking soda to clean and whiten the teeth, Weleda is a fluoride-free toothpaste that uses myrrh and ratanhia — a disinfectant with anti-inflammatory properties and a gum strengthener, respectively — to promote oral health. You use this toothpaste slightly different than traditional toothpastes, applying the toothpaste to a dry brush and then brushing without wetting the brush. Also: 5 Great Shampoos For Guys With Curly Hair desert essence#4. Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil ($15 for a 3 pack @ Amazon.com) Fennel doesn't use harsh abrasives to get your mouth squeaky clean. Instead it uses the natural antiseptic properties of fennel and tea tree oil to keep your mouth clean and healthy. The fennel essential oil used in this toothpaste gives your mouth a unique and refreshing feel after brushing. This toothpaste is also fluoride-free. Also: These Body Washes Are Worth The Extra Money   diamond toothpaste#5. Toothpaste Natural TruthPaste Flouride Free ($18 @ Amazon.com) Made from herb extracts and minerals that scrub dirt and grime (wait, you have grime on your teeth? Gross.) from your mouth. No toxins, glycerine, or fluoride. Instead, you'll clean your mouth with Turmeric oil, neem, black cumin, tulsi, frankincense, myrrh, mineral clay. It sounds gross but it's not.* *According to many clean teeth that we interviewed.

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