These 4 Body Washes Are Worth The Extra Cash

There’s nothing wrong with shopping the drugstore or Target for a body wash or shampoo. But sometimes it pays to splurge on a higher-end men’s grooming brand. We don’t mean you need to fork over your entire paycheck, but spending $15, $20, or even $30 on something you’d normally pay $3-$7 for. Why? Because you’ll notice the difference.

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Another equally important thing to keep in mind, if you have a woman in your life — and if you do, second guess her taste in men –  she’ll appreciate the way these body washes both smell and feel. And if she feels good there’s a better chance that you might feel good later. See where this is going? (Read: sex.)

molton brown body wash#1. Molton Brown Body Wash ($30 @
It’s the perfect men’s body wash to both clean your skin and leave you smelling fresh. Madagascan black peppercorn oil contains antioxidants that help clean and protect the skin, while the rich fragrances of coriander and herby basil combine to leave your skin smelling of spice and adventure. It’s worth the $30, trust us.

anthony logistics#2. Anthony Logistics for Men Blue Sea Kelp Body Scrub ($28 @
Have rough skin? This number by Anthony Logistics will help smooth that out through the exfoliating properties of sea salt. Your skin receives the nutrients it craves through sea kelp extract, and aloe vera works to soothe damaged skin. Another component is vitamin C, which leaves the skin with another barrier of protection.

l'oocitan#3. L’Occitane L’OCCITAN Shower Gel for Men ($20 @
It’s a twofer that’s for use with body and hair. Consisting of distilled authentic lavender and the scent of nutmeg combined with burnt wood, it works wonders that leave skin purified and healthy. This combination of ingredients also leaves hair clean and shiny. Do we know how to pronounce the name? Not a chance in hell, but we like it anyway.

billy jealousy triple crown#4. Billy Jealousy Triple Crown Three-In-One Body Wash ($19 @
When you are ready for a shave, this three-in-one body wash will ensure your skin is also prepared. Its sage leaf extract uses antioxidants to protect skin against damage from the sun. Antiseptic ingredients help your skin heal more quickly when it is cut or nicked during shaving. Finally, soy and mineral oils boost overall skin health.

(Side note: Does seeing the name of this company remind anyone else of the Gin Blossoms? What, just us?)

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