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The Differences Between A Bartender and Mixologist

We know bartenders and mixologists have at least one thing in common: they both have the know-how to get you good and loaded.

By Matt Christensen

bartender or mixologist the career

Is there some underground bartenders vs. mixologists fued? Do mixologists look down on bartenders in the same way Warrior Dash contestants look down on Spartan Race contestants?

“If they’re smart, no one hates anyone,” Lamberti says. “We are all moving the profession forward. When I first started tending bar, everyone was either an actor or model waiting to be discovered. Now people actually seek out bartending and mixology professions as career choices. A lot has changed regarding the perception of each job, all of it for the better.”

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In fact, of the more than half a million bartenders in the US, many are going “back to school” to receive formal mixology training.