When To Contact Her After A Date

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when to contact her after a date follow her lead #2. FOLLOW OUR LEAD If you don’t get a text back, sorry, she’s not that into you … and any more texts will make her think you’re a creeper. Keep it classy and let it go. But if she texts back, that means she’s into it, too. A few back-and-forths the night of the date are fine, but say goodnight relatively quickly. After all, the initial after-date text is just to determine interest. It’s not to 1) make concrete plans, 2) talk about your childhoods or 3) sext. #3. DO NOT SEXT I can’t say this enough. Do not do it. Even if you and the woman in question actually had sex on the first date, keep all texts afterward g-rated. Even saying something like you’re so hot makes us think you want us only to be your friend-with-benefits, which can turn us off and make us feel weird. Compliment our brains, not our boobs, and we’ll get really psyched to see you again.

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