Winter Gear That’ll Help You
Own the Snow

Don’t deal with the snowpocalypse by curling up in the fetal position under Grandma’s electric blanket — wait, that’s just us? — when you can gear up and enjoy it.

By Stephen Krcmar

Winter Gear To Own The Snow

Perhaps you’ve heard something about how it’s been snowing a fair amount this winter. Or maybe you haven’t heard because the snow has cut your power and trapped you in your house where you are slowly but surely going mad. Point is, it’s snowed a shitload.

Which is why we’ve put together some awesome gear that, one way or another, will help you deal with and even have fun in all of the damned snow.

Winter Gear That'll Help You Own the Snow SnowboardJones Flagship Snowboard ($499)
Jeremy Jones is the godfather of freeride snowboarding, and Jones Snowboards reflects his 25 years of backcountry experience. His go-to, go-everywhere board of choice? The Flagship. Camber underfoot ensures the deck turns when you say so and reverse camber at the nose adds float. Serrated edges dubbed Magne-Traction help you slice through the ice … baby. You still wouldn’t be able to keep up with Jones on this deck, but you’ll definitely keep up with the Joneses.

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