The Best Men’s Winter Gloves Perfect For, Uh, Winter

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best winter gloves for men

Even during relatively mild winters, most of us need a hat, boots, a coat, a scarf, and gloves.

All gloves are not created equal, and they all certainly don’t look equal when you’re wearing them. Some are specifically tailored for winter activities like skiing or snowboarding, while others were made to give your hands and fingers the ability to send emails and texts, or even (allegedly) commit horrible, disgusting, inhumane acts of violence. We don’t anticipate you (allegedly) pulling an O.J. Simpson or anything, but if you did — or if you just wanted to work on your car, yard, or look cool while having warm hands — at least one of these six pairs of gloves will do the trick.

hot shots convertible gloves#1. Best Men’s Winter Gloves For Running Errands: Hot Shot Men’s The Sentry Mittens ($15 @
Every guy wants to keep his options open — commitment? Where? — and the Sentry Mittens allows for just that, flip-flopping between mitten and glove easily and stylishly. A blend of wool and acrylic create plenty of warmth, while folding away the mitten caps makes it easy to operate a car or open a beer. But definitely not both.