10 Famous Actors Who Are Also Famous-ish Musicians

Keanu Reeves – Dogstar


During the early 90s (around 1991, to be exact) actor Keanu Reeves formed a band called Dogstar. While the band never essentially made an impact in terms of originality or innovation, they did have some notable live performances. In 1995 Dogstar opened for Bon Jovi in Australia and New Zealand. They also had the opportunity to open for David Bowie with a Pink Floyd cover song, in 1995 at the Hollywood Palladium. Apart from playing the bass guitar, Keanu also provides backing vocals on the band’s albums, ‘Our Little Visionary’ and ‘Quattro Formaggi’. Back in 2005, Keanu Reeves announced that he won’t be pursuing his musical career anymore.

In the movies:

Keanu Reeves is almost immediately associated with the Matrix trilogy in which he portrayed the iconic central character, Neo. Having starred in countless other Hollywood movies (way back since the 80s), is one of the most worshiped stars on the scene today. Keanu also established a rapport with his audience partly thanks to the tough life he experienced off-screen, which effectively made him the “nicest guy in the world.”