10 Haircuts Hot Women Love

Chris Hemsworth 10 Haircuts Hot Women LoveAsk any girl what haircut she likes on a man and you’re guaranteed to get a strong response.

This is because she has already visualized her wedding day about 5,000 times. No detail has been overlooked, including her husband’s hair, what song will play during the father-daughter dance, and which choreographed dance routine she and her bridesmaids will wow the crowd with

Where were we? Oh, yeah, women care a lot about hair.

3 Things About Hairstyles Girls Love …

The problem: Not all women agree on what haircuts are hot. Some love the messy, bed-head look and others are grossed out by it.

The solution: A haircut that at least some women love and that works with your hair type and personality.

Your cheat sheet: All of these types of hairstyles women love on men are hot-girl approved (yeah, we asked), and we’ll tell you who each one will work for.