10 Haircuts Hot Women Love

best haircuts for men zac

#1. Zac Efron

This kind of guy can pull it off: Easy-going, casual or “trendy” guys, surfers.

This kind of guy can’t: Clean-cut guys, guys over 30 (maybe 35 if you dress young enough), anyone who works in a corporate or formal office.

The hair you’ll need: Straight, thick hair is best. Guys with some wave to their hair can make it work. You can try it with thin hair, but you’ll need more product to keep it up.

How to style it: Use pomade or hair wax. Warm a quarter-sized dollop between your hands, run it through dry hair, then use your fingers to spike it in random directions. If you’re trying to make it look perfect, then this look isn’t for you.

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