11 Questions For ESPN College GameDay Analyst Kirk Herbstreit

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7. Is it possible that more than one team from a single conference can be positioned in the four team playoff?
Yes. Based on the last six years of the sport, the final season rankings featured at least two SEC teams in the top four. And there are no rules to prevent one conference from having more than one representing team in the playoffs. The committee is looking at the best teams, and won’t be concerned about where they’re from. It’s just going to be the best four.

8. Switching gears, tell us about GameDay. What’s that atmosphere like? Do you ever get used to it?
You get used to it, but you don’t ever take it for granted. This is my 19th year. We’re starting this weekend in Arlington, and I’ll be as excited as I’ve ever been. It’s live TV. There’s no net. But it’s because of that adrenaline in front of that live crowd that makes everything so great. We’re so spoiled, as a sport, because every week it matters. Were the only sport in the country where, every week you go to work, and you’re giddy because there are big consequences on the line. You can’t really say that about any other sport. It’s a big part of why our show, and our sport, has risen in popularity in the past 10-15 years.

9. What’s the dynamic of the four hosts? Do you guys get along?
Lee (Corso)’s like the dad. He’s the greatest guy in the world. The great thing you can say about our show is that we all like each other. We don’t have to fake it. I think that comes across on the air, and we’re very fortunate in that respect. We’re all are self deprecating. We all make fun of each other in meetings. If you’re sensitive or have thin skin, this would not be the job for you because everybody gets TORCHED. I think that carries over on to the set.