Mooning, Sexting, and Other Bizarre Ways Pro Athletes Were Fined

von-miller pelvic thrust

The Strangest Ways Professional Athletes Got Fined

In October 2015 Broncos linebacker Von Miller was fined $11,567 for doing his best Key & Peele/Ravishing Rick Rude pelvic thrust. After sacking Lions QB Matt Stafford, Miller struck the pose, which was evidently too crude for the NFL suits. Here’s a video of the “incident” …

It’s far from the first time pro athletes were fined for dumb or bizarre things (or by acting dumb). Remember when former Packers and Vikings OB Brett Favre sexting pics of his favorite halfback (don’t make us spell it out for you) to a woman who wasn’t his wife? That cost him $50K.  Then there’s another 2010 incident when Jets  assistant coach Sal Alosi  landed his team a $100,000 fine for intentionally tripping the Dolphins’ Nolan Carroll.

13 Bizarre Ways Pro Athletes Got Fined

For their actions, we’ve gotta say thanks. We almost forgot pro athletes and coaches get in trouble for more than bad mouthing officials, showing up late to practice, or missing flights. And while Miller, Favre, and Alosi get points for creativity in earning their penalties, we learned that there’s no shortage of innovative ways the pros find to forfeit chunks of their salary, like…