14 Lesser-Known Facts About Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice

burton keaton

9. Director Tim Burton explained to Michael Keaton that the character he was to play had “lived in every time period but no time period.” This description served as the inspiration for the combination of bizarre hair, moldy complexion and freakish teeth. Keaton says that when he first showed up on the set dressed as Beetlejuice, the crew chanted, “Juice, Juice, Juice.” This encouraged the actor to do a great deal of improvisation during the filming of the movie.

flight 409

10. When Adam and Barbara Maitland are in the office, the PA system announces “Flight 409 is arriving at Gate 3”. This is a reference to a real life flight that crashed into a mountain in Wyoming on October 6, 1955. It was United Airlines Flight 409 was the worst crash to date. It killed everyone on board. The reason it crashed has never been discovered.