4 Tips to Get Laid on Tinder Like a Pro as a Man (Even if You’re Shy)

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Would you like to learn some tips to get laid on Tinder?

I understand you. 

When I started with online dating a long time ago, I also wanted the same.

That was motivating for me, however I always found it hard to succeed and get the girls I really wanted online.

My Tinder Journey 

My early failures with Tinder had put me on the path of cold approaching that was, somehow, easier for me.

However, I knew that Tinder was a better option than outdoor socializing sometimes.

Think about winter, when everybody’s home and doesn’t have many opportunities to meet girls out.

Or lockdown times, where people are not allowed to socialize like before.

Linking those points, I understood that I had to take charge of my Tinder skills or I would have suffered a decrease in the quality of my romantic life.

That pushed me on a journey that I wish I had taken before.

Today I want to share with you my best Tinder tips so that you also can get higher quality girls and find the perfect ones for you.

Tip #1: Relate Personally & Authentically

Many men fail with Tinder because they approach it in a way that’s detached and boring.

However, we know that girls like being entertained and that they don’t like guys that make them count sheeps. 

That’s why such a conversation starter can be great to put some pepper in the convo.

Tinder Line: “I feel we could play the good cop/bad cop on a date. Which character do you take?”

Many people will tell you that to be attractive to girls you just have to be yourself.

That’s not completely true.

In fact, what if your most authentic self is a disempowered self-loathing personality with low self-esteem?

Not sure that will attract the best quality of girls.

So what is actually the truth?

The truth is that to attract the girl you want, you must be your most authentic and empowered self.

That equals being your unfiltered one where you’re not afraid of expressing your true intentions, desires, wants and expectations of your relationship with any woman, whether she is a normal looking one or top model.

That will make you look stronger compared to all the other men out there that are afraid of expressing their true intent with the girls they like.

Have you ever thought why certain men are more powerful and charismatic than others? The reason lies in how they show up.

When you see the most successful men worldwide, you will see that they all share some common traits. One of those is not caring what other people think, another one is being directed by an inner core.

When women perceive that you are such a powerful man, they will immediately understand that you have something more to offer than the average one.

That’s when they will be attracted to you and you will not need to use techniques and canned lines to get them.

Tip #2: Play it Statistically (80/20 Rule)

Many men get discouraged when they don’t get results through online dating

The problem is that Tinder is not just a random thing but it follows specific laws; the laws of seduction.

Indeed, if you abide by certain parameters with online dating, it will be almost guaranteed to succeed with it.

That’s why you need to apply the 80/20 rule.

What does this mean?

Following the 80/20 rule for Tinder means ensuring that you’re on the right path and on the side of mathematics.


The 80/20 rule tells us that 80% of effects are created by 20% of causes.

What does this imply in your Tinder game?

If you are smart enough you will understand that only 20% of girls will create 80% of your online dating results.

That’s why focusing on those numbers is all you need to get laid on Tinder, instead of trying to attract every girl.

How can you do that? You will discover this in the next point.

Tip #3: Choose Your Target Carefully Beforehand

If you want to succeed with online dating you have to be clear on the girls you want.

Ask yourself this question: “What kind of girls do I want to have in my life?”

Once you understand that, write 7-10 qualities that they must have and then mirror as many of those qualities.


You attract who you are and not what you want. 

If you want to attract certain kinds of girls, the best thing you can do is to become as close as possible to their types.

  • What are their values?
  • What do they like in life?
  • What attitudes do they have towards things?

Once you understand those concepts it will be easier for you to select them strategically.

That will allow you to compete with 95% of men worldwide and still win, because most of them don’t even know those concepts.

Tip #4: Be Positive

Women love positive energy, so it’s important to be upbeat when messaging them on Tinder. Try not to talk about negative things like bad dates or past relationships; instead, focus on fun topics like music or travel. It also helps if you can make her laugh; a good sense of humor goes a long way! Plus, it will increase your chances of getting a response from her since it shows that you’re interested in talking with her for more than just hooking up.


Tinder success can be hacked.

The problem is that society is conditioning men to believe that they need techniques and canned lines to attract girls online.

I hope to have given you new ideas, so that you can get laid naturally by the right women for you.

I wish you great success in your online dating journey!