5 Sex Toys for Gay Men to Get Their Grind on


Looking for the best ‘sex toys for gay men? We are here to help.

We have compiled the perfect list of the best sex toys for gay men. Whether your evening is you flying solo or picking up a cute guy to bring with you, these toys are sure to make the evening a little more fun. From beginners to sex toy experts, we have some kinky picks for you.

Here are five sex toys no gay man can live without.

1. Cock Ring

Cock rings come in all colors and sizes. One of the most beneficial sex toys for gay men and also one of the most affordable!

If you are new to bedroom sex toys, a cock ring is an absolute must-have for any man or couple.

Try a vibrating cock ring to keep your partner aroused and hard for longer. Or try a bigger cock ring worn behind the testicles with an added flap to target the perineum. 

2. Prostate Massager

Get yourself an adjustable prostate massager. Skip the frustration that comes along with finding that P-spot. 

The key to the best prostate massager is adjustability. One size does not fit all! Use an adjustable prostate massager to target your prostate and perineum at the same time.

Prostate massagers are perfect for any gay man. This toy can be a great couple’s toy if you get a Bluetooth-compatible massager!

3. Fleshlight or Fleshjack

Named for its discreet appearance, the Fleshlight (or Fleshjack) toy is safe on your nightstand. Fleshlight is a best-selling sex toy for gay men. Why? It is a low-key personal masturbator. 

The fleshlight is a cock-pumping toy that is perfect for some solo action. With over eight inches of insertable length, this toy is a one-size-fits-all solution! 

Use the Fleshlight or Fleshjack to masturbate, or opt to use it as a stamina trainer for your next sexual encounter.

4. Head-to-Head Masturbator  

This toy is all about mutual masturbation, making it the best sex toy for gay couples. 

A head-to-head masturbator is a double-ended stroker perfect for a couple. Whether you use a vibrating option or not, this toy is sure to spice up your evening.

The size of the toy leaves you close enough to your partner for a smooch or additional reach-around play. Some of these toys come in transparent silicone for full visibility.

5. Butt Plug

A vibrating butt plug is one of the best sex toys for gay couples! A vibrating butt plug will take you and your partner’s orgasms to the next level.

A tapered butt plug is a great option for any man. A tapered toy is girthy and easy to slip in, even if you are a beginner.

Slip in the plug before sex for gentle G-spot massage action while your partner fellates you. Or, if you are feeling cheeky, slip it in before dinner and give your partner the remote!

Whether you are alone or looking to spice up bedroom activities with your partner, this list has something for you! Plus, you can find all these amazing gay sex toys at pureromance.com.

It Is Play Time With the Best Sex Toys for Gay Men

Whether you’re flying solo or with your partner tonight, these sex toys are sure to spice things up! If you are a beginner to sex toys for gay men or know your way around them, these are certain to make your sex life more interesting.

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