5 Surprising Hints She’s A Keeper

When your jokes fall flat, you argue more than you have sex, and you can’t shake the sinking feeling that you’re constantly playing the role of her boyfriend instead of actually being her boyfriend, it’s obvious that she isn’t the one. But when you’re in a good relationship and things are progressing, how do you determine whether she’s a keeper or just another one in the bunch?

We reached out to dating experts and they regurgitated all of the same BS we learned watching TV: “You’ll know when you know.” “It happens when it happens.” “There’s no secret formula.” And other, boring and useless stuff we won’t bother repeating.

So for more useful info, we spoke to people who are coupled up and asked them which clues tipped them off that their partner was serious relationship (or wife) material.

Of course you want to share news about closing a big sale or a job promotion. But how about when your boss reams you for a typo in a TPS report. Or you totally space on bringing a fresh pair of undies the day you’re supposed to pee your pants at work. (Hey, it happens.) Point is, if she’s the person you lean on when thing get tough because you know she’ll listen to you bitch and whine without judgement, that’s a solid sign she’s a keeper.