6 Super Bowl Halftime Fails and Flubs

#2. MIA (2012)
Rapper MIA flipped her middle finger to the camera for … no apparent reason. Although network censors weren’t happy, headliners LFMAO and Madonna were; the “middle finger” stunt took the heat off of their embarrassingly cheesy performances that included a geriatric Madonna dressing up like a cheerleader.

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#3. Enrique Iglesias and Christina Aguilera (2000)
When Disney decided to tackle a “Tapestry of Nations” theme for the Super Bowl halftime show, they forgot to invite any nations. With only England, Spain, and the United States being represented, a bizarre duet by Iglesias and Aguilera, and a narration from Edward James Olmos, this Super Bowl halftime show made us sad that Y2K was a bust.