6 Super Bowl Halftime Fails and Flubs

#4. Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Horrible Halftime Show (1995)
Eleven years after the film debuted, football fans were treated to director Steven Spielberg’s alternate plot — the Vince Lombardi trophy gets stolen by members of the Thuggee cult and Indiana Jones must retrieve it while Tony Bennett and Patti Labelle perform danceable music. Clearly Spielberg made the wrong decision back in 1984.

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#5. Elvis Presto (1989)
It’s more like a high school play than a Super Bowl halftime show. A cleverly-named Elvis impersonator, Elvis Presto, does magic tricks during an interactive song-and-dance number. They’d have been better off playing clips from Waiting for Guffman

#6. Janet Jackson (2004)
Of course it’s on here — the boob that caused the FCC to get their undies in a wad, despite seeing a breast not being a huge deal to anyone but 15-year-old boys eager to touch ones that don’t belong to Mom.