How To Arrange The Ultimate Bachelor Party

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A bachelor party is a special day for the groom. It’s his last hurrah as a single guy! Planning a bachelor party might involve more than you think – selecting the perfect venue, choosing the best drinks, and planning fun activities for unforgettable memories. You’re probably excited by the thrill and excitement of the bachelor parties you’ve seen in movies, but how do you capture that same magic? Here are some tips for planning the ultimate bachelor party.

Choose The Date

The perfect date for a bachelor party is at least six weeks before the wedding. Make sure to pick a date that’s convenient for everyone you invite.

Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing the date for the party:

  • Choose a date that won’t clash with the work schedule of the guests. Ask the prospective guests about their upcoming work or travel schedule, so you know when everyone will be available.
  • The date you choose should be flexible enough for everybody, like a weekend. Avoid setting the date on a weekend that involves a special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc., because your prospective guests may already have something else planned out for those dates.
  • Check the available dates of the venue if you’re planning to hold the party in a hotel or restaurant, and match them with most of the guests’ available schedules to avoid conflicts and make sure everybody will come. You can choose a date that’s days before the wedding so the groom is refreshed and ready for the big day.

Choose The Right Place

Most bachelor parties are held in a hotel or a house. There are a few advantages to holding the party at a house. It’s cheaper than renting a venue, and you are assured that the party will be completely private. This is an even better option if you have a friend with a private pool or a house with plenty of room for “surprise guests”.

On the one hand, holding the party at a hotel could simplify the process. You don’t have to worry about preparing the food, setting up the stage, or decorating the place yourself. The bar or hotel will probably help with those details.

Here are some tips for choosing the best place to hold a bachelor party:

1. Check All Your Options

If you have a large budget, holding an event in a bar or restaurant provides a nice place to celebrate your buddy’s special night. If you have a tighter budget, it’s practical to hold the stag party in a home setting. All guests can contribute for the budget, and you can also take advantage of gift cards, such as Happy Cards, to get cool discounts when purchasing items for the party.

You can also Shop Elyxr for unique party supplies that add excitement and energy to the event. It will give everyone a boost for a night to remember and keep the party going. When planning a stag party, it is important to check all your options and supplies to ensure a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved.

2. Ask For Help

Just because you’re the event planner doesn’t mean that you have to shoulder all the responsibilities. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!  Your friends might have exciting ideas for a fun and successful bachelor party.

3. Chose a Location That Is Suitable For Your Activities

While drinking and gambling are the usual types of stuff done at bachelor parties, more wholesome activities are getting popular as well, such as camping. Make sure that the location you choose allows the activities you have planned and has space or equipment needed for the party.

Carefully Plan The Activities

Bachelor parties are not always about girls and booze. Popular bachelor party activities range from playing cards on a game night to sports activities.

Check out these bachelor party ideas:

1. Sports Activities

  • Horseback Riding: With all the stress that entails wedding planning, it would be nice for the groom to get some fresh air and enjoy a horseback ride through a local trail.
  • Bowling: Bowling can be done early in the evening, which leaves plenty of time for more festivities afterward.
  • Golf: If the groom likes to golf, then, find a nearby course and book a tee time.
  • Skydiving: This activity can be expensive, but it’s worth the expense as it can help release pre-wedding jitters.

2. Sexy Surprises

A bachelor party is not complete without sexy surprises, whether it’s a party ball and chain surprise, big cake stripper surprise, or a shockingly sexy, Halloween-inspired shocker. There are tons of online stripper booking sites you can find online, so make sure to take advantage of that.o Also, if you know a friend who can refer someone, then, that would be better.

3. Stripper-Free Ideas

There are plenty of stripper-free activities you can try out for a stag party. Check out these examples:

  • Whiskey Tasting: Sample expensive whiskey by arranging a private tasting at a popular whiskey bar. This activity can take an ordinary bar experience to the next level.
  • Road Trip: Take a road trip to the groom’s favorite hangouts and destinations, such as the Baseball Hall of Fame in New York, book a few nights at a casino hotel in Las Vegas, or visit the ultimate party city, New Orleans.
  • Live Like A Cowboy: If the groom came from the countryside, a cowboy theme is a good idea, bringing his childhood and teenage memories back to life. Also, it’s a great way to revisit the good old times.
  • Play Paintball: Get the adrenaline pumping with a fun paintball shootout!  Let the team of the groom win without him knowing.
  • Cigar Tasting: Take the groom out for cigars at a swanky cigar lounge. It can be a relaxing way to reminisce about old times and look forward to future adventures.

Plan The Food And Drinks

Plan a variety of food and drinks and make sure you have enough for everyone.

Here are some popular menu items for a bachelor party:

  • Alcohol
  • Water or fizzy drinks
  • Chicken wings
  • Pizza
  • Steak
  • Burgers
  • Chips and dip
  • Ribs or pulled pork
  • Pretzels
  • Pies

More Things To Keep In Mind

The best man should be made aware of his responsibilities. He should make sure that the bachelor party won’t have any mishaps, such as ensuring that nobody drives home drunk. Also, he should evenly split the costs to everyone who will be attending the party (except the groom, of course). Taking pictures should be a priority as well for the groom to have keepsakes.


You’re all set!  By following these tips, you’ll be able to choose the perfect place, date, and activities for an unforgettable bachelor party. Remember, this is the groom’s last night as a single man before starting a new adventure as a husband. Celebrate your friendship and send him off on his marital journey.