7 Exciting Yard Drinking Games to Play this Summer

With the summer here, it’s time to enjoy some outdoor drinks with friends. Take your drinking game up a notch by playing outdoor yard games that are sure to get everyone in the party spirit! From classic beer pong to flip cup, here are seven exciting yard drinking games you can play with friends.

1. Beer Pong – Beer pong is an extremely popular and classic drinking game that is always a hit at any party. To play, set up two teams of two players each and a long beer pong table between them. Each team has six cups filled with their drink of choice (beer is traditional). Taking turns, the first team throws a ping pong ball into the other team’s cups. If they make it in, the opposing team must drink the cup and remove it from the table. The first team to get rid of all their opponent’s cups wins!

2. Flip Cup – Flip cup is another classic yard drinking game that requires quick reflexes and teamwork. Set up two teams of two people each on opposite sides of a table and fill each cup halfway with your favorite beverage. On “Go!” each teammate takes turns quickly chugging their drink and then flipping their empty cup over onto its top edge until all four cups have been flipped over. The first team to flip all their cups over wins!

3. Cornhole – For those who want something more low-key than beer pong or flip cup, cornhole is an excellent option for your backyard gathering. To play, set up two cornhole boards about 30 feet apart and divide into two teams of one or two players each (if playing doubles). Each player on one team throws four bean bags at their opponents board per turn (alternating between teams) trying to land them in the hole for three points or on the board for one point—first team to 21 points wins!

4. Quarters – Quarters is another classic drinking game that can easily be played outdoors in your backyard or patio area using just coins and a glass mug filled with your beverage of choice such as beer or wine spritzers if you don’t want anything too strong! Take turns bouncing quarters off a hard surface like a table or deck into the mug; if you make it in you get to pass it around while everyone else takes drinks until someone misses! Last person standing wins!

5. Ladder Toss – Ladder toss is an exciting outdoor game similar to horseshoes but with more room for creativity when it comes to scoring points—and rules can easily be changed depending on how competitive you want the game to be! To play, set up two ladders about 25 feet apart and divide into two teams of one or two players each (if playing doubles). Each player takes turns throwing bolas (two balls connected by ropes) at their opponents ladder trying to land them on different rungs for varying point values; first team score 21 points wins!

6. Drunk Jenga – Drunk Jenga is an adult twist on the traditional block-stacking game that involves stacking wooden blocks into a tower without knocking it over—with some added rules for added fun when alcohol enters into play! To play, build your tower according to instructions then take turns pulling out blocks from different levels while following rules written on each block such as “Take Two Shots” or “Make A Rule”; last person standing without knocking over tower wins!

7. Water Balloon Slingshot – Finally, water balloon slingshot is a fun yard drinking game that requires little setup but still offers plenty of excitement when playing against friends outside in warm weather! To play, divide into two teams of one or two players each (if playing doubles) then take turns shooting water balloons at opposing targets using slingshots; first team hit all targets wins—or create your own rules based on how competitive you want the game to be!

Conclusion: Yard drinking games are great way to have some outdoor fun while enjoying drinks with friends this summer season — from classic beer pong and flip cup to creative twists like drunk jenga and water balloon slingshots — there’s plenty of options available for whatever kind of mood you’re in during your hangout session!. And remember safety comes first so please stay hydrated throughout these activities so everyone can have an enjoyable time together responsibly . Have fun out there !