7 Sex Moves You Use That
Women Hate

We like sex. But after 10 or 20 minutes of bump-and-grind action, we’re often ready for the credits to roll (especially if we’re already hit the big O). Prolonged thrusting makes us wonder if we’re doing something wrong and worry about how sore our vaginas are going to be the following day. So if you feel that the sex is taking longer than expected, let us know if it’s going to be done soon. If it’s not, then let’s take five and re-evaluate later.

We’re not always in a rush for the main event. Unless we’re trying to join the mile high club or have a quickie in a bar bathroom, a few extra minutes of foreplay are encouraged. Admiring us in our underwear makes us feel sexy and reminds us that our lingerie was worth the ridiculous price we paid for it. Plus, knowing you like what you see ratchets up our anticipation, which leads to us enjoying everything even more. So yes, we want you to rip our clothes off  …  after 10 or 15 minutes of exploration.

It’s nice knowing we’re satisfying you, but we don’t want to know if we’re the best you’ve ever had. When we hear stuff like, “No woman has ever done that to me before!” or “Wow! You do that better than anyone I’ve ever been with!” it makes us feel like we’re being compared to the hoards of women you’ve been with before us. Read: We feel gross. Stick to standards like “you’re so hot” and “you’re so sexy” and make sure the compliments don’t make us feel like we missed our calling as porn stars or that we’re fooling around with one.