7 Sex Moves You Use That
Women Hate

In the movies, a guy nudging a woman for morning sex is hot, passionate, and gives the impression that all a.m. sex sessions are erotic. They’re not. In the real world, there are things called morning breath and full bladders. And if it was a long night, you might stink or we might just be exhausted. So while guys might love the idea of waking up to their girlfriend going down on them, it’s not the same for women. If we’re sleeping, please don’t interrupt us with your erection.

If we share a fantasy with you in bed, like we want to be tied up or we’d love if we had a quickie with you in the guest bathroom at a party, it means the idea turns us on and it’s something we’re curious about. It might not mean we actually want to do it — at least, not right away. Take things slow. Instead of showing up with a duffle bag filled with handcuffs and gag balls, remind her about what she told you and ask if she’d like to go to a sex toy shop to snoop around.

Sure, what is or is not inappropriate all depends on the people doing the talking and listening. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, dirty talk can be a distraction or sound silly or offensive. Avoid that by keeping a running dialogue. If you’re stuck, tell her how hot you think her body is. And if you realize after a while that you’re the only one saying anything, take a break.