7 Things Guys Should Know About Wearing Ties

7 Things Guys Should Know About Ties differences between types

6) How should I pick a tie in relation to my complexion?
It all comes back to the color wheel. Warm colors (like orange, red, or yellow) will compliment a darker complexion, while cool coolers (like blue, green, purple) will work better with a lighter complexion.

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7) What are the differences in types of materials I can choose when picking a tie?
There are two types of tie construction, knit and woven – the difference being the way that the material is constructed. Woven material is composed of criss-crossed threads that don’t stretch. A knit material is made from a series of loops that are stitched together, giving more stretch to the material.

For the cooler weather of fall and winter, we recommend silk, wool, or microfiber ties. Not only will these fibers keep you warmer, they also give a dash of seasonal acknowledgement. During the warmer weather of the spring and summer months, stick to cotton or linen, as these breathe better and give a nod to the season. Linen will give a more polished look, while cotton is great for a casual, or looser dress code.

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