8 Mistakes No Guy Can Get Away With

Things Even Attractive Guys Can't Get Away WithIf a woman — me, for example — simply told you, “Your mustache looks stupid,” chances are you wouldn’t listen. But if I pointed to a guy who was rich, famous, and incredibly handsome and said, “His mustache looks stupid,” you’d probably believe me.

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And that’s why I’m going to save you from making some unfortunate fashion, relationship, and grooming mistakes by pointing them out on guys who are lusted after by millions of women. If they can’t pull these things off, trust me — chances are, you can’t either.

Things Even Attractive Guys Can't Get Away With1. HOGGING THE UMBRELLA
Yes, women possess enough strength to carry our own umbrellas, but it’s to your advantage to hold one for the both of us. Not only do you look manly, but it’s a low-impact way to partake in some PDA. What is not to your advantage is holding the umbrella over solely your own head, like Justin Theroux is doing with Jennifer Aniston here. Is it even raining? What’s he protecting himself from, the light?