8 Songs About Cities That
Don’t Deserve Songs

songs about cities that don't deserve songs ramones tulsa clapton#4. “Tulsa Time” | Eric Clapton (1978) | Listen: Backless (Remastered) $9 MP3 / $10 CD / $40 Vinyl @ Amazon.com)

This song, originally sung by a cowboy named Don Williams (it’s actually a great song, but we like the Clapton version better) is about a fella who leaves Tulsa to find his fortune, and then immediately returns: “And I really had a flash this time / I had no business leavin’, and nobody would be grievin’/ If I went on back to Tulsa time.”

Abandoning your dreams when they don’t immediately work out in order to return home to Oklahoma City’s little brother? Geez, stop bumming us out.

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