15 Unique and Cool First Date Ideas

If you really want to impress a woman, show up at her home unannounced and stare at her through her living room window until she spots you. Okay, that’s probably not the unique date idea you should use to get her attention. However, going to dinner and a movie is standard, and standard means tired and predictable. Use these instead …

1. Go to the Gym

Heading to the campus gym together is a first date idea that will get you both sweating. You will be able to enjoy a physical date and then grab a smoothie or protein shake afterward.

2. Hike

Heading to the mountains for a nature walk or a hike is a fun date. Connecting with your date in a beautiful nature scene will be a first date that you won’t forget.

3. Concert or Live Music

There are usually cheap or free concerts in college towns. Find some great local music that you and your date can cozy up and listen to.

4. Try New Food

Trying new food together is one of the best ideas for a first date. You can both decide what type of food sounds good and then jump in your car and drive around town until you find a new restaurant to try.

5. Theme night

Creating a theme night can be easy and fun. You could choose a theme like “Harry Potter” and make homemade Butterbeer to drink while have a Harry Potter movie marathon. For more themed date ideas, click here.

6. Support Sports

If you live in a college town there is always a sports game that you can attend. Showing up and rooting for a team is a great idea for a first date. You can share a hot dog at the game and enjoy cheering on the team.

7. Watch the Sunset

Grab a blanket and head outdoors. Take your date to a beautiful setting and enjoy watching the sunset. Bring some snacks and drinks and stay even longer to enjoy some stargazing.

8. Picnic

Enjoying a picnic at the park can be a fun first date idea to get to know each other. You can head up the mountain or find a local park to enjoy lunch and each other’s company.

9. Play at the Park

Every city has a park or multiple parks; choose a park and take your date there in the evening. You can reminisce your childhood while playing at the park. You can play would you rather or truth or dare while you swing next to each other on the swings.

10. Bike Ride

Outdoor dates are some of the best ideas for a first date. Enjoy the beautiful outdoors with your date while biking to a fun location. You can rent a tandem bike and really work together to get to your destination. For more outdoor date first date ideas, click here.

11. Learn to Play a New Sport

Learning new things together can draw a couple together or help you get know someone on a first date. Grab tennis rackets or try your hand at Frisbee golf. You will both have fun learning something new.

12. Cook a Meal Together

Bonding over food can be an interesting and fun idea for a first date. You can find a recipe, go grocery shopping together and then cook the meal and enjoy it together. For help finding a recipe, look here.

13. Volunteer at the Animal Shelter

Who doesn’t love playing with puppies and kittens? Most apartment complexes or dorms don’t allow pets; if you are missing your furry friends take your date to the local animal shelter. You can volunteer to walk dogs or help feed and groom the animals. One of the best first date ideas.

14. Join a Club or Take a Class Together

There are so many different clubs and groups on campus. Find a club that you are both interested in and join or participate in an activity. If you both have some room in your schedule, sign up for a billiards or rock climbing class on campus.

15. Choose a Book and Have a Read-a-Thon

Go to a local bookstore or thrift store and rifle through all the different books. Find a book that you both think looks interesting and have a read-a-thon together! You can cuddle up while you both enjoy your books.


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