10 Best Snow Sleds (For Adults)

lucky bum toboggan

#7. Lucky Bum Wood Toboggan ($200 @ Amazon.com)

These hand-crafted snow sleighs are 48-inches long by 18-inches wide and come with padding to keep your frozen ass as comfortable as it can be in frigid temps. These things look so beautiful that one could even serve as classy decoration in your place when you’re not using it to hurtle down mountains or lug deer carcasses through the snow.

awesome sleds for adults Kicksled
#8. Silverton Double Kicksled ($380)

The Kicksled is designed to glide on snow-packed hills and streets, or across frozen lakes and ponds. It’s also designed to be hitched up to a pack of huskies or to a Camaro and pulled, and there’s an elastic storage compartment that can hold a lunch box, sweater, or Wampa blaster. The slatted seat won’t put your ass to sleep as quickly as you might think, and the finish contains multiple UV-resistant coats. So while the sun may give you melanoma, you can rest easy knowing it won’t ruin your sled. Each sled is custom made and signed and numbered on the bottom.