10 Best Snow Sleds (For Adults)

whamo polar bear sled

#5. Wham-O Snowboogie Artic Slider Foam Sled ($40 @ Amazon.com)

It looks cheap but it can withstand a decent beating. We could do without the imprinted paws, but they’re there to help keep you from sliding off. The ribbed-tracking bottom and handles make steering easy and also help prevent the sled from doing a 180-degree spin during your ride.

7 Awesome Snow Sleds (For Adults) hammerhead

#6. Hammerhead Pro XLD ($180 @ AMazon.com)

The Hammerhead’s lightweight aluminum frame, shock absorber, and rubber ski boots allow you to comfortably go all Clark Griswold, but the precise G-steering mechanism will prevent you from going all Sonny Bono.