10 Fake Bands We Wish Were Real

Seeing Jesse and The Rippers rock a medley of their greatest hits on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon — which included a cover of the Full House theme — made us tear up and long for the days when the Olsen twins weren’t yet skeletal weirdos and Bob Saget was still widely considered a wholesome comedian.

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It also made us ponder which fake bands from movies and TV we’d like to see reunite and play a set. There were plenty to choose from, so if you think we missed any, let us know in the comments.

Bayside High School heartthrob Zack Morris fronted this pop ensemble that, after a rough breakup because of Morris’ budding solo career, reunited with the smash hit “Friends Forever.” (We know the band was technically doubly fake since it was part of a dream inside of a fictional TV show, but we’re making the rules here.) Make no mistake — The Zack Attack’s music totally blew, but if they reunited, the show would be packed with the former 13-year-old girls who fawned over Morris and drummer A.C. Slater back in the day, and who are now adult women. In other words, the show might be a good place to pick up chicks.


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