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Study: Drinking Alcohol Linked To 7 Types of Cancer

A meta-analysis of more than 10 years' worth of data has connected the consumption of booze to at least seven types of cancer. If your eyes just welled up, you're not alone.

The Strangest Alcohol Consumption Laws from Around the World

While some places have bans on public drinking or require permits for alcohol sales, others allow alcohol...

5 Ways to Stop Yourself from Drinking While Driving

If you’re planning to go drinking with friends or colleagues in a bar or restaurant, you should...

The Best Gadgets for Beer Drinkers

If you're a guy who likes to drink beer you'll want to invest in some of these beer gadgets.
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Cheers To The Best Baseball Drinking Games

We love going to watch baseball games live, but watching them on TV? Nah, unless one of these drinking games is involved.

Football Drinking Games

Sometimes it's a boring blowout. Sometimes it's just bad football. These are some of our favorite football drinking games to get you through when...
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The Best Two-Player Drinking Games

Looking to get a date to loosen up? Or are you just trying to get super drunk on a random Tuesday at home? One of these fun drinking games will get the job done.
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You Can Drink Beer To Fight Off Colds!

According to a study by actual scientists, beer can help you battle certain cold symptoms. Time to replace the medicine cabinet with a beer fridge!

5 Light Drinks That Are Not Light Beer

Want to lose weight but still enjoy a drink? Try these leaner options

Heavy Drinkers Have More Energy

Drinking heavily all day every day is terrible for you. That said, a new study suggests a chaemical in booze does give your brain an energy boost.
Binge Drinking and Hangovers Cost Companies Billions Per Year [Study]

Binge Drinking and Hangovers Cost Companies Billions Per Year [Study]

The cost of binge drinking and hangovers is a day or two of head-pounding and nausea and feeling like certain death is imminent. But it's costing your employer, too.

Science Delivers Bad News For Binge Drinkers (Read: You)

A study claims that boozing hard just one night can negatively affect your gut's guts. In other words, you can suffer affects of chronic drinkers after tying one on.