10 Actors Who Asked To Be Killed Off Their Shows


Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek)

If it’s not Star Wars, it’s Star Trek. Spock (Kirk’s second in command), one of the most memorable characters in Star Trek, has seen a recent, modern-day incarnation with actor Zachary Quinto. In the classic TV show, however, he was portrayed by legend Leonard Nimoy. The actor did not exactly request for his character to be killed off, albeit he did lose interest in returning to the role. In fact, when the original movie script for Star Trek Wrath of Khan was being penned, Spock wasn’t even in the story because Nimoy announced he was done with the character. In due time though, the writers of Wrath of Khan gave Spock a death scene should Nimoy return, and that definitely did the trick. The promise of death actually put Nimoy in a very interesting position, effectively luring him back to the role he wanted so eagerly to quit.