The Best Boards For Skating & Surfing Boards

Snap Skateboard ($120) | Snap
If you like to skate but don’t feel the need to dress the part — Vans, ripped Thrasher hoodie, a hat that says “I SKATEBOARD” — the Snap may be right for you. Constructed of high-grade aluminum and fitted with mid-duro urethane wheels for cruising, the Snap can fold from 32 to 14 inches and hide in your backpack when you’re done cruising. The joints where the board folds are durable steel, so whether you’re ripping kick flips or just rolling along, the board will last; the wheels and trucks can also be swapped out to suit your style. If you like the idea but prefer a longboard, hold out for the 38-inch Snap longboard coming out this June. Boards

ZBoard Electric Skateboard ($500-800) | California by Intuitive Motion Inc.
ZBoard’s electric skateboard is about as close to a hoverboard as you can get. It detects where you place your weight and adjusts its speed accordingly. Lean forward and you can reach roughly 17 mph; stomp the rear footpad and it’ll bring you to a halt. The board has burly tires to get you over gravel, sidewalk cracks, and wingless insects, and a cutout handle on one rail so you can carry it a la George Jetson’s briefcase car. One charge of the Z’s Lithium Phosphate Ion battery is good for 10 miles of normal riding.