Cell Phone Etiquette She Wishes You Knew

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#2. Know your audience
You are the king of movie quotes, but not all women love Dumb and Dumber one-liners as much as you do. Why? Because women are obviously weird. So while you totally want to make her laugh, some jokes just don’t work over the phone. Especially if she doesn’t yet know you all that well. (Explaining a failed joke is not only not funny, it makes you look sad.) So stick to shared humorous experiences or self-deprecating stories. And, crazy as it sounds, smile when you speak; companies that employ telephone customer service representatives advise their workers to smile on the phone because it comes through to the person on the other end of the line.

#3. Get off the phone (eventually)
Speaking on a cell phone can be difficult if you’re still developing chemistry. You accidentally talk over each other, or there are awkward silences. So if you’re not discussing anything important — do your best not to discuss important stuff over the phone — end the conversation at a logical point by making plans to see each other sooner rather than later.

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