College Bowl Games You Need To See — And Avoid

Games so good Leonardo DiCapprio is moved to walk-dance.

BCS National Championship Game (Oregon-Auburn): The BCS finally did something right and will put the two best teams on the field to decide the title.

Rose Bowl (Wisconsin-TCU): The Badgers won’t be able to run up the score against TCU’s hard-nosed defense. Geez, they’re still named the Horned Frogs?

Orange Bowl (Stanford-Virginia Tech): The Hokies will make that early-season loss to James Madison feel like a weird Inception dream. Within a dream. Within a dream. Within a riddle. Within an enigma. Within a puzzle.

Sugar Bowl (Ohio State-Arkansas): Hogs coach Bobby Petrino is still a chump for quitting the Falcons when Michael Vick had his … troubles, but nevertheless Arkansas’s offense is awfully fun to watch.

Las Vegas Bowl (Boise State-Utah): A missed last-second field goal unfortunately prevented the Broncos from causing complete BCS Bowl chaos. There’d be no better Bowl storyline than the kicker’s redemption in this game.