College Bowl Games You Need To See — And Avoid

Bad in a way that makes you so uncomfortable you have to avert your gaze. Bowl (Middle Tennessee-Miami): Unless Danica Patrick disrobes at the 50-yard-line, there’s no reason to watch.

Military Bowl (East Carolina-Maryland): The Terps have openly expressed disappointment at having to play this game. ‘Nuff said.

Little Caesar’s Bowl (Florida Int’l-Toledo): Detroit! Cheap pizza! Teams you’ve never heard of! Are you ready for some football?!

Compass Bowl (Pittsburgh-Kentucky): What genius scheduled this game against the first round of the NFL playoffs?

Fight Hunger Bowl (Nevada-Boston College): Gosh, nothing says “fighting hunger” like hosting an event in which enormous men who consume 4,000 calories a day play a game watched by guys making themselves sick on six packs and nachos.

The Too Bad Even For a List About Bad Bowls Bowls: New Orleans Bowl (Ohio-Troy); St. Petersburg Bowl (Southern Miss-Louisville); Insight Bowl (Missouri-Iowa); Texas Bowl (Illinois-Baylor)