Common Sex Issues You May Come Across


Did you know that more than a third of Americans are unsatisfied with their sex life?

If you were worried that you were the only person who’s having lackluster sex, the good news is that you’re not alone. Sexual issues may be common, but they’re never fun to experience.

The best way you can start having better sex is to identify the specific problems you’re having and discuss them with your partner(s). Keep reading to learn about the top 5 sex issues and ways you can try to solve them.

1. Finishing Too Fast

Ejaculating prematurely is one of the top concerns of men who fear that they’re bad in bed. If you find it challenging to make the pleasure last longer, then there are a few solutions that you should try. Numbing gels, wearing a cock ring, and taking timeouts to focus solely on your partner’s pleasure can help stop you from finishing sooner than you’d like.

2. Not Finishing at All

Women are most susceptible to not finishing during sex. The reason why is that penetration isn’t enough to reach a climax. If your partners aren’t paying attention to your clitoris, then your romps can end with you feeling frustrated.

Since women require more time to finish even with clitoris stimulation, it might be helpful to introduce toys into the bedroom. Vibrators are a helpful tool because they provide a lot more stimulation than hands or a mouth. There are also plenty of small designs that can allow penetration to continue while you use it.

3. Infrequent Sex

There are lots of reasons why couples can justify putting off sex, but resentment and stress can build the longer you put it off. Since there are tons of causes of this issue, it’s important to ask yourselves why you’re not having sex often enough. For example, if sex feels too tedious, then it’s time to start having sex in new locations and positions while exploring other ways you can keep things fresh.

4. Physical Intimacy Issues

Do you feel like you can’t connect with your partner on a deeper level during sex? If you’re having sexual intimacy issues, then it’s important to vocalize this so you can avoid feeling used or unloved. Making more eye contact, touching in tender ways, saying sweet things, and focusing on each other’s pleasure are a few ways you can strengthen your bond.

5. Painful Sex

Sex should never be painful, but the sad truth is that there are many women who feel uncomfortable at times. If your partner isn’t taking the time to warm you up, then you might not produce enough lubrication to keep things comfortable. If you need help making sex more enjoyable, these tips will ensure each session is pain-free.

Talking About Your Sex Issues Is Important

If you’re having sex issues, you might not feel confident starting a discussion about your feelings. However, sex is supposed to be nice for everyone involved! The only way you can start having better sex is to face these problems head-on.

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