Everything You Need to Know About Amazon’s The Grand Tour Show

Cars, Injuries, and Explosions

The first thing you should know about this thing is that the production of this first series has cost £160 million, which translates into nearly $200 million. From time to time, viewers of Top Gear have seen at least one of the three presenters experiencing an actual injury during the old show, which in some cases were completely terrifying and downright shocking. And, not to worry, things are sure to explode on this show:

Richard Hammond, for instance, So, far, we know that the show is going to include a tremendous variety of cars, so here are the ones we know about (some official, others confirmed or reported through interviews, and snapshots from filming):

– Porsche 918
– Porsche 911 GT3 RS
– MClaren P1
– Ferrari, La Ferrari

On the other hand, as Clarkson put it in a recent interview with L.A. Times: “We are more happy driving terrible, old cars than new, fast ones.” The other two presenters agreed. Once again, just to give you some idea of how for things have gone in terms of budget, the La Ferrari (2016) alone is a 949-bhp supercar monster that’ll cost you about $1,400,000.

Exotic Locations

As we’ve said, the show, similarly to Top Gear is about traveling around various parts of the world, and so far here are the locations that were officially revealed or at least confirmed through interviews:

– UK, London
– USA, California (LA and other locations)
– Africa, Johannesburg
– Jordan

Cool Extras

The makers of the show have teamed up with Amazon to providing some cute little extras. Owners of the Amazon Echo speaker (Echo Dot) will be able to install the so-called ‘Grand Tour’ option. You will be able to ask Alexa some rather specific questions such as “How slow is James May?” which regular Top Gear viewers should recognize instantly.