Forgotten Wrestlers Who’d Make WrestleMania XXVIII Better

Jay Leno was a babyface (good guy) before the whole Tonight Show/Jay Leno Show debacle involving Conan O’Brien turned him into a heel (bad guy). And while Leno was immensely popular during the late 1990s, he made a cameo with WCW as a wrestler. The angle was a huge bust and would probably go over even worse today, but seeing Leno get his ass kicked might help repair his image. Or at least make us cackle with glee.

Yes, zombies and anything related to a zombie apocalypse are completely played out, but the undead weren’t nearly as ubiquitous in 2006. And that’s when The Zombie made his only appearance on WWE’s ECW show. After delivering one of the most … orignal promos in pro wrestling history (above), he disappeared. While that gimmick was goofy, just imagine how big the crowd’s reaction would be if the same dude showed up to WrestleMania dressed as a zombied Rick or Shane from The Walking Dead.