Fun Facts about Slot Machines in Casinos

Fun Facts about Slot Machines in Casino

A bit of information on casino slot machines

Of all games available in online gambling, online slot games take the largest share as far as popularity goes. This is mainly because online slot games are fun and easy to play without any real strategy. Also, they come in different themes that captivate newbies and seasoned gamblers.

Bavarian inventor August Charles Fey invented the first slot machine for this gambling in 1894 in San Francisco. Charles Fey did not stop at this; he kept working on this monster until it was small enough to fit in a room profitably. Unfortunately, in 1906, an earthquake wiped out all but four of the Liberty Bell machines Fey built. However, despite the challenge, Fey was determined to meet his objective and did not stop the revolution.

Years later, competitors copied Fey’s work and modelled even better slot machines, eventually leading to what we have today in the gambling market. Currently, you will find poker machines and blackjack for those who would rather gamble online for real money. This article seeks to review some interesting facts about slot machines in casinos; read on to find out.

Fun facts about slot machines

It is purely a game of chance: Despite what many “online experts” may try to sell you, there are no effective tricks or strategies you can use to increase your winning chances at slots. The most you can do while playing a slot machine is place a bet and pray that you land winning symbols and combinations after spinning. This is one of the primary reasons why this game is a favourite of many gamblers worldwide. Because you are not required to have any fundamental skills in gambling, and you can get by with nothing but luck. Even more interesting is that you can play and win at a progressive jackpot with the same skill level as any other slot. The only thing you perhaps need to have is the skill of managing your bankroll.

Japan has the largest share: Another fun fact about slot machines that you need to know is that Japan has the largest share of pachinko slot machines. To be specific, in Japan, there are approximately 4,592,036 fruit machines. This is a clear indication that the Japanese love gambling. Currently, the country has not yet legalized gambling, which brings profit to players; however, offshore casinos offering mobile slots and other games are not prohibited from operating in Japan. The government has no issues with physical machines; you can find them in malls and other locations. However, rules of engagement do exist. Other countries competing for the top five list include the United States, Italy, Germany, and Spain.

They do not run hot: It is common to hear people say that the machine is running hot or cold based on the player’s streak. The interesting fact is that, in the real sense, physical heat cannot happen. The slot machines are effectively designed to handle every action without being affected. Also, when a person refers to machines as hot where they do not lose, it may bring about the rigging issue; similarly, this is not the case. RNG determines slot machine winners, and the system can’t rig.  In fact, the machine does not retain the memory of previous events, wins or loses; hence, each event is independent. The criteria also apply to online casino apps. That said, there are possibilities of having a string of victories and losses on one machine, a significant reason why many gamblers refer to this as a cycle. As illustrated above, this is purely a game of chances; hence, luck could be either with you or not. It is impossible to manipulate the outcome, whether you play at a land-based gambling house or online slot machines.

They are the most popular among gamblers: Slots is the most popular game among gamblers worldwide. In fact, there are millions of these slot machines globally. Countries use different names to describe slot machines. For instance, Australians and New Zealanders refer to them as pokie machines. The fantastic thing about slots is that you can catch a game for free at the majority of casinos if you have no cash to spend, but this way, you will not win any real money. In some countries, it is possible to ban yourself from playing if you feel that you are addicted to gambling. This is amazing since it gives gamblers a certain level of control whenever they have none.

Slots are over 140 years old: Gamblers have enjoyed slot games for more than 140 years since the very first slot machines were invented in the 1880s in the United States. In the following decade, Charles Fey invented the first modern slot in 1894; this was the iconic Liberty Bell slot.

Slot machines on the strip pay less: Another fact about slot machines you need to know is that you will earn less for playing at slot machines on the strip. In compiling the pay out numbers of casinos on the Las Vegas strip and ones in other areas across the city, Nevada Gaming Control Board found that casinos on the famous strip have significantly lower RTP than downtown casinos. Therefore, if you ever visit Vegas and decide to play slots, avoid the ones on the strip.

Online slots pay better: Fact from data shows that online slots pay better than their land-based counterparts. Many land-based slot machines offer an RTP percentage between the mid-80s and low 90s. On the other hand, online slot games provide a favourable RTP ranging between 94% to 98%. There are a few online slots with an RTP as high as 99%

Conclusion Slot machines are the quintessential casino games and have existed for over a century. Though it is not recommended to make it your central money-maker at the casino, it is good to try slot machines as you can win massive amounts and it’s a great fun activity. It is also good to note that slot machines are not rigged. Therefore, if you find yourself losing, it is just not your day. Take a break and come back tomorrow to try your luck again.