6 Housewarming Gifts Ideas For Men


housewarming gifts for guys candle for his girlfriendAspen Bay 20 Oz Jar Capri Blue Candle ($28 @ Amazon.com)

You could just let your girlfriend bring a present and pretend that you had something to do with it. But you’ll impress your lady and her friend that much more if you spring for this sweet-smelling monogrammed candle. It’s inexpensive and the only heavy lifting you need to do is, uh, figure out the girl’s first name, then head to the Illume website and choose the corresponding letter.

Knowing these tips for finding cool, unique housewarming gift ideas for men will come in handy and make you look less lame at your next housewarming party — if you don’t overdo it and barf in the punchbowl again.