How to Make a Girl Feel Special

happy married couple

#3. Don’t compare past relationships.

She wants to feel special, and she’ll ask about your past relationships to validate herself. This is a trap. Don’t talk about past relationships more than you need to. She will remember every word that you said and use that against you somehow in the future. Every girl says she won’t, but, oh boy, she will. She’ll lurk Facebooks, Instagrams, Twitters, anything to be able to quench her thirst for juicy details.

#4. Read between the lines.

Girls hardly ever say what they actually mean. We’re masters of twisting words, which is hard for any guy to grasp. It’s even hard for other girls to grasp. It’s all about body language and the tone in her voice. By listening, you can learn when a girl says one thing but means something else.