How to Make a Girl Feel Special

happy married couple

#5. Communicate and be sincere.

To tie it all together, always be sincere. Don’t say anything you don’t mean. It’s better to not say anything at all in these circumstances. If you don’t want a relationship, say that up front. Will it make her feel special? No, but she’ll appreciate your honesty.

The honesty gap is often a weak spot in most relationships. If a girl feels that you’re not being sincere, there goes the whole thing. Sometimes the truth hurts, but never, ever, ever get caught in a web of lies.

By applying all of these tricks to your unique lady, you will make her feel special and wanted and beautiful. You can say the same cliche compliments, you can buy her the same cliche gifts, but these things won’t make her feel special. You have to listen, understand, and communicate in order to truly make a girl feel special.