How to Ruin a Date in 4 Words

Ruining a date can be unexpectedly easy if you know the magic phrase. A few simple words and your lovely evening out with that special someone could go south faster than you might think. While good communication is essential in forming relationships, it can also have disastrous effects when abused or misused. From cyber-flirting to unwanted advances, learn how to ruin a date in just 4 simple words!

“Let’s just be friends.” This phrase is probably one of the most dreaded sentences a person could hear on a first date. It may be tempting to let someone down easily, but it’s much kinder—and more honest—to just tell them that you don’t feel any chemistry and would rather not continue dating them.

“My ex was better.” The last thing someone wants to hear is how their date compares unfavorably with an ex. Comparing your current date with a past relationship isn’t fair or kind. Instead of pointing out the differences between your present and past, try focusing on the positive aspects of your current date instead.

“Do I have to?” No one likes being forced into doing something they don’t want to do, so asking this question sends the message that you’re not interested in spending quality time with them. If you’re not enjoying yourself during a date, it’s better to simply end things early than make your date feel like they are forcing you into staying longer than you’d like.

“Let’s get married.” Sure, some couples may be ready for marriage after just one date, but chances are that most people won’t be expecting such an extreme commitment so soon in the relationship! Instead of dropping this bombshell phrase out of nowhere, try suggesting other commitments like having dinner together more often or taking things slow for now. This will show that you’re serious about the relationship without being too intense right away.

“I’m not really interested.” Being honest is always important in relationships, but there is such thing as being too honest! If you don’t feel attracted to your date or even if you’re just not feeling it that night, try finding other ways of expressing yourself without hurting their feelings unnecessarily. Saying something like “I’m sorry I’m not feeling this tonight,” gives your date closure while still being respectful and considerate of their feelings.

Final Thoughts

The key to not ruining a date is being honest, but also considerate of your partner’s feelings. It’s important to be aware that some phrases may come off as too intense or harsh and can easily ruin the mood on a first date. Instead of using these words, focus on building positive connections and meaningful conversations with your date so you both feel comfortable expressing yourselves without fear of judgement. If all else fails, remember: honesty is always the best policy!