Match your eyewear to the suit: Fashionable glasses for men

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If you’re a businessman who is looking for glasses that will help make your suit look more fashionable, there are many stylish options out there. A lot of people think it’s only women who wear glasses to add some style and flair to their outfits, but men can too! There are frames in all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. 

The most popular shape for a man’s frame is the rectangle or rounded rectangle. The best quality frames used to be metal because they have a lightweight feel and won’t break as easily as plastic frames do. But that was before the polycarbonate frames came on the scene.  Not only are they virtually indestructible, but they’re also much less expensive to manufacture. This brings us to the thesis of this article: Men should choose eyewear that complements their clothing choice for the day. In this article we’ll discuss frame color, facial hair considerations, frame thickness, size, faking it, polarized lenses, and clear frames.

The secret weapon in style

First and foremost, let’s discuss what should be every gentleman’s secret weapon in the glasses style to suit-game: Clear Frame Glasses. Clear frames not only go with any color suit, but they drip with style.  You don’t have to worry about clear frame glasses matching your suit, because they’re the perfect fit for any suit. They’re also more than likely made from acetate. 

Acetate is a type of plastic that looks like metal and is lighter than a typical frame material. It was developed for use in the aerospace industry because it is lightweight, strong and flexible. So, with a pair of acetate frames, not only are you stylish but you’re probably ready for space flight too.  And because clear frame glasses are lightweight, you won’t experience that horrible feeling of your frames slipping off when you’re in the middle of a meeting.

The frame should be the same color as your suit

If you wear elegant colors like navy blue dark green purple browns you’ll be happy to learn you can now match those colors in your glasses frames! There are also many other ways to mix things up with a wide range of lens styles so there’s something for everyone. If you’re into the classics, and prefer a black suit, go with black frames. If you’re wearing a brown suit, you’ve more than likely tried on brown frames. Do it. Don’t over think this choice.

Choose a frame that’s similar to your facial hair

If you have a mustache, go for something with an angular shape and thicker sides and a wider bridge to balance out the facial hair; if you’re clean shaven then rounded frames, thinner sides and a higher bridge will be perfect.

Avoid frames that are too thick or wide

These types of frames seemed to be a fad in  the past. Your goal is to look professional and sleek so go with something that would flatter your face shape, not overpower it! Modern frames are more streamlined and slim but you can always find something with a little more substance if that’s what you’re looking for.

Frames should match the size of your head

Avoid wearing glasses that are too small for your face as this will lead to the perception that you’ve been wearing them for too long, and glasses that are too big will make your face appear larger than it really is.

Don’t wear glasses with lenses in them if you’re not

Nearsighted, farsighted, or presbyopia; this will make it look like you’re just trying to hide behind them. No one likes a faker. You might be able to claim that you wear them for blue light filtration. For clarity’s sake, if you’re nearsighted this means that  when you put your glasses on, everything gets closer and clearer. If you’re farsighted this means when you put your glasses on things get further away but also clearer because they’ve been magnified by the lenses. And if you have presbyopia it’s a bit more complicated:

Basically, as we age our eyes’ lenses lose elasticity and can’t adjust to bring close objects into focus like they used to be able to do (no shame in that). That is why sometimes people who are older find themselves needing reading glasses or bifocal lenses so that both up-close and faraway items appear clear–a sign of aging not necessarily poor vision.

Get some sunglasses made with polarized glass so they’ll protect your eyes from UV rays and glare from water or snow. This doesn’t mean you need a limo tint, just that you need some protection.

I hope this article helped guide you through how to choose glasses that will make any suit look its best.