7 Of The Best Messenger Bags For Men

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The Best Messenger Bags For Men Diaper Dude Diaper Dude Messenger II ($95 @ Amazon.com)

Okay, so this is more like the best messenger bag for dads. That said, if you have a kid, it’s perfect. If you don’t but know someone who’s expecting, it can be a great gift. (We’re pretty certain he’ll appreciate using this bag instead of his wife’s pastel-colored tote with the flowers on it.)

Inside the bag, most space is dedicated to diapers, formula, baby wipes, and toys. There’s also an insulated bottle holder and a changing pad with breathable material. But you’ll still have plenty of room for a laptop, tablet, and other gadgets. In other words, it’s a top men’s messenger bag for busy dads.





CaseCrown Horizontal Mobile Messenger greyCaseCrown Horizontal Mobile Messenger Bag ($37 @ Amazon.com)

A durable and stylish canvas exterior conceals a padded divider on the inside that features both elastic and velcro closures to help keep your devices — laptops (it fits a Microsoft Surface Pro & RT), mobile phone, iPod (you still own one of those?!!?) — safe and secure. It’s a modern messenger bag for guys, so if you’re the dressy type it should fit in flawlessly with your upscale attire. Additionally, there are multiple slots for paper. Or you could forgo the paper clutter and invest in a thumb drive. Just saying …