7 Of The Best Messenger Bags For Men

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Director's Chair Laptop best messenger computer bag for menMessenger Bags Director’s Chair ($140 @ Amazon.com)

The bag weighs 9 lbs., which doesn’t make it ideal for commuting. But the fact that it also transforms into a director’s chair does make it ideal for camping or an outdoor concert. (You can stuff it with cold ones before a show, and then have a reserved seat in which to guzzle them when you’re ready.)

Thanks to a solid steel frame, the chair can sustain up to 250 lbs. of meaty ass before breaking. Also, the seat was constructed to remain taut, so when you pop a squat your butt won’t sink toward the ground.



UTGUTG Multi-functional Tactical Messenger Bag ($37 @ Amazon.com)

Even if you’re not joining Seal Team 6 you can still own a cool tactical bag.drawstring pockets, adjustable straps and handy zipper closures, clearly this manly messenger bag is built for travel, adventure, or going to and from your latest covert mission. Plus, the sturdy construction gives hunters and outdoorsmen easy access to accessories, firearms and other belongings, while the earth-toned exterior fabric gives the bag some rustic appeal to guys who just want to own a cool looking bag.