Fun First Date Ideas

fun first date ideasFirst dates are usually stressful, so making it fun eliminates some of the tension. One of the best ways to win a girl over is to make her smile. Never make a first date too formal. Fun first date ideas are all around, but begin by assessing your date’s interests. Is she an animal lover or athletic? Does she like scary movies or dramatic plays? Whichever activity you choose, make sure it combines your interests with hers; this makes conversation easier.

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For animal-lovers, find a petting zoo nearby. Shifting focus from each other to something else can make a date more comfortable.

Athletes and activity gurus might enjoy a date at the skating rink, but make sure she is comfortable with this. Not everyone can skate well, but this does not have to be a bad thing. Showing minor weakness is okay, in fact, sometimes it is a plus. For a fun first date, participants need to be willing to laugh at themselves.

Thrill-seekers might enjoy a date at the amusement park. This is fun if lines are not long. The last thing a first date needs is uncomfortable silence.

Scary movies can be great for a first date if there are no naked scenes — that just makes things a little too awkward. Probably the best idea would be to find a movie parody because even if the movie is bad it invites critique. Fun first date ideas should include activities that create opportunities for conversation.

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