Things to Say on a First Date

things to say on first dateThe question and answer format is pretty standard when it comes to things to say on a first date. It’s always a good idea to start out the conversation with simple questions. You can ask your date how her day was, discuss where you are going for your date and what types of food that she likes. Before you ask her any questions or start a conversation, make sure to give her a compliment. Compliments always go over well.

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When thinking about specific topics to discuss, try to write down at least five conversation-starters. It is essential that your questions lead into long answers or into other questions. If you have trouble with writing down some ideas, think about your personal interests first. You can also use some of the information that you already have about the person that’s accompanying you on the date.

No matter how hard someone tries, first dates are always stressful, and the first 10 to 20 minutes will always contain moments of awkward silence. Just try to remember the ideas that you wrote down before you pick your date up from her house, and you will be okay. The stress she feels regarding things to say on a first date will either match or exceed what you’re feeling, so you are not alone.

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