Now There’s A Chambong To Help You Pound Champagne


We’re guessing most of you would rather put things other than champagne inside of a bong. (Read: weed or beer.) However, some guy went to an underage party and watched kids get wrecked by ripping beer bong after beer bong — or take pot hits out of a bong — and pondered just how much fun his friends Blane and Muffy would have doing the same with high-end champagne. “They’ll just love, love, love it!” he said to himself.

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At least that’s what we think happened because the real story is most likely a boring tale that does not involve the term “love, love, love” in it. Again, we’re guessing: Some dude with above-average intelligence thought up a novelty idea and figure he could sell it for $20.

But he was wrong — he was able to sell it for $25. Here’s how the Chambong website describes the product:

It’s America’s newest pastime. It’s a magical device made of high quality glass that will make you feel sparkling and happy. It’s a great way to enjoy champagne, a fantastic gift, a hit at parties, birthday’s, pool parties, pre-gaming, adult bar mitzvahs, or just cause it’s Wednesday.

According to, the first 3,000 units have already sold. So if our math is right and each unit sold at the market price, that’s a whopping $75,000. Go ahead and tear up.  Now, if you want to drown your sorrows with a sixer, it’ll pay off to know the best glass for your beer. and that’s why we wrote …  How To Choose The Right Glass For Your Beer.