Quiz: Joe Biden’s Goofiest Moments

Joe Biden

3. What was the Secret Service codename given to Biden when he became Vice President?

A) Celtic

B) Cheshire

C) Silverback

D) Bosom

Joe Biden

4. On March 23, 2010, after introducing President Obama at the¬†signing ceremony for healthcare reform legislation, Biden whispered what into Obama’s hear?

A) “Don’t take any of their shit.”

B) “This is a big fucking deal.”

C) “Go get ’em, you son of a bitch.”

D) “You just dick-slapped Boehner, hoss.”

Joe Biden car

5. Biden claims he’s gone his whole life without doing what?

A) Owning a foreign car

B) Meeting Rush Limbaugh

C) Getting drunk

D) Throwing a punch