Quiz: Joe Biden’s Goofiest Moments

Joe Biden with bikers

9. Biden said what to the woman in this photo?

A) “I know who runs the show.”

B) “What do you say we get outta here?”

C) “Why do people say ‘assless chaps’? All chaps are assless!”

D) “I got your check, young miss.”

Joe Biden

10. Elected to the Senate at age 29, Joe Biden ranks where on the list of youngest U.S. Senators?

A) First

B) Fourth

C) Fifth

D) Sixth

Joe Biden "this big!"

11. During the 2012 vice presidential debate, what did Biden repeatedly call Republican candidate Paul Ryan’s thoughts on the administration’s handling of the Benghazi attack?

A) Hogwash

B) Malarkey

C) Hokum

D) Bunk

Joe Biden ice cream

12. During a May 2012 interview, Biden accidentally announced the Administration’s support for what before Obama had a chance to do so?

A) Immigration

B) Syria

C) Gay marriage

D) Education reform

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